Ui Annotation

UI Annotations are a way of linking up screen shots of system UI with fields in messages. UI annotations can be useful for non-technical stakeholders to help them understand how messages being mapped by relating them to the systems they are familiar with.

Adding UI Annotations to Messages

Select an element in a message and click the 'Add UI Annotation' button. add ui annotation button

Choose an existing screen-shot file if one has previously been uploaded, or click 'Choose File' and upload a new one. choose screen-shot Then click the button marked 'Save Image'.

Move the circular guides so the rectangle marks out the field on the screen-shot that corresponds to the field selected in the message, and then click 'Save'. move guides around field

Once the UI annotation has been saved it can be edited by clicking on the thumb-nail, or additional UI annotations can be added to the message element. move guides around field