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Libraries, frameworks and standards like JSON and XML make calling an API technically easy, but they can't help you understand the data that the API accepts or returns. api-map can help you understand mappings more quickly, and find gaps in message transformations.

api-map logo For Analysts

  • Dramatically reduced time to integrate.

    Streamlined tools and processes allow analysts to quickly define and share mappings between messages.

  • Machine Learning Assisted Integration

    api-map suggests matches between message elements based on powerful machine learning heuristics.

  • Improved Quality

    api-map helps catch mis-matches between data types and missing mandatory fields earlier.

sketched diagram of data mapping

api-map logo For Developers

  • Tools Built on the Same Language You Speak

    api-map uses message schemas like XSD and JSON Schema to define mappings, so specifications are firmly tied to implementation.

  • Improved Collaboration

    A shared online tool means you're never working from an out-of-date document. You can tag fields and mappings for review by analysts.

  • Code Generation

    A machine-readable mapping format allows you to generate the boring bits, and focus on the parts only a developer can do.

JSON schema source code

api-map logo For Testers

  • Sizing Integration Testing

    Visually tracing data elements through multiple transformations allows you to quantify your testing effort.

  • First Class Documentation to Verify Against

    Because integration is not directly visible to the end-user it is often not well documented. Clear integration documentation from api-map gives you a concrete, versioned artifact to verify against.

Square peg being forced into round hole